Inquiry-Week 7

Hello Everyone,
Mrs Dickson will be working with you today. Today you need to read through the booklet I have provided to you about the goldrush, entitled- The Big Nugget. As you read through it as a class, take notes and highlight any points of interest you didnt know before. Individually, you need to make a poster and include 5/6 interesting facts about life on the gold rush. You need to include pictures and a colour heading. You can do this poster on coloured paper taken from the cupboard out the front. (NOT MY TEACHER OFICE CUPBOARD) Or you may like to present this information as a powerpoint presentation or as a Word document. The choice is yours. Remember to go back into catergories on my blog to Inquiry if you’d like some other websites and information you could also use to help you complete this.
This needs to be completed by recess!
After recess you need to make sure you have your historical piece of writing completed, remembering to include actual facts in this. Everyone is to complete this.
You must also have started your diagram designs.
You need 3 of these- 1) a Rough greylead sketch outlining you scene.
2) A color design, labelled with a key, explaining what everything actually is and how is will work. You must also include information about the materials you will be using to make this design.
3) A beautiful colored design that will look EXACTLY!!! like your made design.
If Mrs Dickson thinks all three of these designs are good enough, then, and only then will you be able to start building your desing, IF you and your partner have the equipment. YOU were supposed to get organsied and talk about this together. DONOT go to the artroom often and use the equipment we have already. NOT FROM MY CUPBOARD!!!
nquiry will finish at 1pm today and then we are having unit assembly and eating our lunch early, as we all have a basketball clinic at 2-3pm. So work hard and good luck!.


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