100 Word Challenge

This week you have the following prompt you are to incorporate into a piece of writing.
‘….finally we can make a start…’

Unpack a seed, planning all the different scenarios you can think of using this prompt. Then choose the one idea you like the best to draft into a piece of writing.
Remember to follow the writing process, by rereading your work, proof reading it for mistakes and try and think of ways you could improve your piece of writing. Have you included emotive words? Have you thought about what you may feeling, think, see, hear and smell, in your writing? Have you thought about using synonyms? Remember, ‘dead’ words are boring to read and you want to keep your reader’s wanting more so make your writing as descriptive as possible.
Get 3 classmates to then read your work and take on board any feedback they give you. If you need to redraft it before I see it then please do so to make it easier for men to read and understand.
Then publish your 100 word challenge as a word document, keeping a copy in your file and publish a copy onto our blog.
Good luck. I’m looking forward to reading them 😉


10 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. “My Queen, the ships are leaving the docks,” the Queens assistance whispered. “Yes! Finally we can make a start,” I told my Captain. “Get everything ready, ok Sergeant Major,” The Captain demanded. “Yes Captain,” I responded as I told everyone to do what they needed to do. Two months pasted and the convicts were beginning to smell and a storm was coming. “Captain I predict that a gigantic storm is coming, do I strap everything down?” “Yes quickly,” he responded. But before I could get out of the main cabin, a humongous wave higher than 5 story house was towering above us….

  2. Here I am in position for the intriguing 400m sprint. I hear the massive crowd screaming as loud as a roaring thunder storm. I suddenly hear a thunderous bullet shoot from the gun. Finally we can make a start. I see the other rush-ful competitors move their legs as fast as a spotty cheetah. Will I beat these bolting champions? I then sprint harder and harder while listening to the wonderful crowd cheer for me. Suddenly someone approaches right next to me. I am shocked that we are both able to run so fast. Oh no, will I win?

  3. We are the largest family in Australia. My parents are the busiest parents on Earth. We have 22 kids, 12 are triplets, and 4 are twins. The rest of us are single. Worst of all, I’m eldest! There is nothing in our family to look forward to. Except for our trip to Queensland. Tomorrow we are flying off! I’m so excited I can’t sleep! I open my eyes. Daylight. I jump out of bed and run to my parent’s room. I shake them awake. The next 30 minutes were insane. We all pile into the minibus. Finally we can make a start. But can we keep up with time?

  4. Finlay we can make a start problem with painting the house.
    Finlay dad has agreed to make a change of the front of the house. Dad climbed up the rusty old ladder with 2 blue/red paint buckets and a 1930s paint brush. Dad has just completed climbing up the rusty old ladder to the shed door. He is well harnessed incise of an accident. He gets me to hold the rusty old ladder while dad is opening the blue paint bucket and starts to paint away. Dad has lost concentration as usual. He puts one hand on his leg and dropped the paint on my foot. I yelled “DAD LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY NEW SHOES….
    BY Gareth

  5. Plane Crash
    The plane’s engines roar loudly as the plane take’s off. I say finally we can make a start after waiting 4 hours in the plane because there was something wrong with the fuel pump. “We are about to hit 40,000 feet so you can take your seatbelts off” said the captain. Then this Thunderous noise came from the back of the plane. The plane starts to toss everyone left and right roughly then the back of the plane burst into flames. I couldn’t hear myself think over everyone screaming then the plane drops 40,000 feet straight into the ocean. 1 month later everyone on that plane was confirmed dead.

  6. Finally we can make a start.
    When the bursting sun came up I decided to go to school because I want to learn and have a better education
    I’m really sad and board because I’d have any friends and I really want to have some friends so I can play with that person and do other things together.
    This is the second reason I should go to school so I can do art and paint different pictures it’s so relaxing doing it.
    I would love to do physical sport so I can get better at them and improve my sport skills that I don’t know how to do

  7. 100 word challenge
    ‘’ Where are we Jim’’ ‘’ I do not know where are’’. Well, we need to find a place to hide from the police find us Jim.’’ Do you hear that? They got the swat team in. I hear dogs barking as they run after us. I hear the police speed through the streets. Suddenly it went quite. I think we have lost the police. They will not give up. I wonder where the police are? I see Jim and I running through the darkness. Ahead I see the road the goes to my house. ‘’Finally we can make a start’’. Jim we need to spread out Jim I will see you later.
    Author: Cody

  8. EsCapE fRoM jAiL
    As Liam was running down the hall, I was running after hm. He was running and he was 100m in front of me but then he started slowing down. Then I was right behind him, and he was almost at the red button. He pressed it and all the prisoners got out. Now we can “finally we can make a start “of finding the prisoners and we had to get out the big guns. So we got out the big guns and it was a smoke grenade. Then all the prisoners fell asleep we all picked them up, and carried them to their cells. That was all for today
    FrOm KaNe

  9. Finally we can make a start on getting our new car. When are you getting it? Next week it’s the fastest car in the world. That is cool where are you getting it from? American import. When we get it where going to pick it up do you won’t to come year I have to asks my parents ok what kind of car is it? It’s a doge. I finally got our new car it’s the best it looks better than before maybe because the people who we brought it of cleaned it up for up nicely.
    By Jesse

  10. We are an organisation called the international spy group, also known as I.S.G. I am sending a letter out to I.S.G to come and save me because I have been captured by Doctor Black Blood he has sentenced me to death please come and save me. “Ok time to set up and get ready to save him when can we start sir when we’re ready but first we have to get ready and find the perfect time to strike and rescue”. Finally we can make a start go now in your positions. “Oh no it’s a trap”. “What can we do now?

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