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Today we are going to use the following text to complete an OWI together.

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  1. OWI
    I observe a giant red rock.
    I see dead trees around the big rock.
    I see dead grass.
    I see a sunset.
    I see red sand.

    I wonder how big the giant rock is?
    I wonder why the trees are dead? I
    I wonder why there is a lot of dead grass around?
    I wonder what time it is in the day?
    I wonder where it is for it to have red sand?

    I infer that the rock is very big because people think that it is the tip of the giant rock that is sticking out of the ground.
    I infer that it gets very hot there because there is red sand and a lot of dead things and trees around the area.
    I infer that the grass is dead because there is no water for plants to grow like the would in Victoria.
    I infer that it is late in the afternoon because the sun is starting to disappear as night comes.
    I infer that it is in the Northern Territory because the Northern Territory is desert and makes a great home for the big rock.

  2. Observe
    I can see a big red rock, high up into the sky.
    I can see lots of small dried green bushes surrounding the outside of Uluru.
    I can see the bluish red sky behind Uluru.
    I can see a lot of different patters dug into Uluru.
    I can see hot yellow sand in between the bushes
    I was wondering if Uluru was taller than it is now.
    How do the bushes survive in the steaming hot desert?
    Is the sun setting or rising?
    Why are there patters in the sides of Uluru?
    Did the hot sand used to be under water?
    I can infer that Uluru is 348 meters high.
    I can infer some of the bushes have evolved to the desert heat.
    I can infer rising because the ground is very bright and easy to see.
    I can infer that the patterns were because of the wind and water washing away the loose red sand/rock.
    I can infer the sand is hot because of the hot sun and some of the sand from Uluru is on the ground.

  3. Observe:
    – A huge sunburnt rock in the middle of nowhere.
    – A bluey, pinky sunset.
    -Wild, dusty, dried up, shrivelled bushes and shrubs.
    – I wonder how long the rock has been there for?
    -Are any of the plants near Uluru fertile enough to sprout fresh, green plants?
    -Is the background rising or setting?
    -Uluru has been thought to be around 60 million years old. My evidence is that the article says so. It is said that it is part of the peak of a mountain.
    -I highly doubt that any plants would grow around there. My evidence is that it is so dry and hot around there.
    -I infer that it is sunset. My evidence is that it is a bit dark at the top of the sunset.

    1 I see a massive red/orange rock. Why is the colour red/orange? I infer that the heat has changed is form and colour.
    2 I see dead grass with the colour brown ash. Why is there dead grass? I infer that has been there from years and years ago.
    3 I see a large rock in the middle of nowhere. Why is the rock there? I infer the rock was built for the public.
    4 I see trees surrounding Uluru. Why are trees surrounding Uluru? I infer the trees were planted there for a cetin reason.
    5 I see an orange track heading towards Uluru. Why is there a track heading towards Uluru? I infer that it is a car/bike track towards Uluru.

  5. O: “One of the most famous Australian scenes is Uluru at sunrise or sunset”.

    W: Why is it famous at these times of the day?

    I: I think that they are famous at sunrise and sunset because they might change colour. My evidence for this is that it says “the rock seems to change colour to purple, or brilliant red”. I also infer this from general knowledge.

    O: “Millions of years of erosion by wind and water has given Uluru its unique shape”.

    W: How did the wind and water carve Uluru?

    I: I think that the sea carved it because it even says in the article that it used to be at the bottom of the sea. And I think that the wind could’ve carved it because it could’ve started to carve the rock when it first came out of the sea.

    O: I see a huge, red rock (Uluru) with different crater-looking things and a green, bushy land below it.

    W: How big is this massive rock?

    I: I think that it is obviously very, very big because it is known as the biggest rock in the world, and there’s even more underneath it too. I also think that it is big because my evidence says that it’s 348 metres high, and 2 kilometres wide.

    O: I see a very old, wide rock.

    W: How long has Uluru existed for?

    I: I infer that it has existed for a VERY long time because it was even old when the aboriginals were around. I also infer that it has been around for a huge amount of time because it even says in the text “It is thought that the mountain was created 600 million years ago”.

    O: A very, very pitch red rock that also looks sandy.

    W: Why is it so red?

    I: I infer that it is so red because of the time of the day; depending if it’s sunrise or sunset. I also think that it’s red because the text says “The striking ochre-red colour comes from the rock’s high iron content”. If it wasn’t for the high iron content, the rock would just be a dull grey colour.

    O: “Now part of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the park and rock is owned by the Amangu people”.

    W: Who are the Amangu people?

    I: I infer that the Amangu people are aboriginal people because of the name. I also have evidence from the text saying what they might be; it says “People who lease it back to the government”.

  6. observe
    I see a big rock in the middle of Australia.
    I can see a lot of trees at Uluru.
    I can see a lot of grass around Uluru
    I wonder how long Uluru has been in the middle of Australia.
    I wonder how many people went to Uluru.
    I wonder how big Uluru is.
    I infer there is a lot of water at Uluru!
    I infer there are a lot of caves at Uluru!
    I infer there are a lot of Animals at Uluru!

  7. Observe
    I observe that it has some animals.
    I see a huge rock in
    the golden desert.
    I see the dry land.
    I see the crispy dry plants.
    I see no people in the photo.
    How often does it rain there?
    What animals live there?
    How high is the rock?
    Is there habitats that have been eroded into there rock?
    Are the animals nearly extinct because of droughts?

    I infer that there is ochre on Uluru.
    I infer that there are cactuses in that dessert.
    I infer that nearly all the scrub and bushes are dry and dead.
    I infer that the rock is 3 and a half km long.

  8. O-bserve
    I observe a giant orange rock in the distance.
    I observe a lot of dry bushland with yellow grass.
    I observe a little bit of green that looks a bit dry.
    I observe an astonishing sky.
    I observe a bit of orange in the sky.
    I wonder whether it a sunset or a sunrise?
    I wonder how the rock changes colour?
    I wonder how it is orange?
    I wonder how wide it is?
    I wonder how high it is?
    I infer that it is pretty big because it looks big from the photo!
    I infer that it is sunset because the sky is going a bit blue.
    I infer that it’s a bit hot because it is really sunny.
    I infer that its orange because the way it was created.
    I infer that it is old because the size of it.

  9. Observe
    I can see a big rock in the middle of Australia
    I can see the bright grass
    I also observe the shining blue sky
    I wonder why there’s a big rock in the middle of Australia?
    I wonder how big Uluru is?
    I wonder if there are some animals over there
    I infer that the rock is so big because I see it on the picture
    I infer it so hot near the rock
    I infer there is lot of caves at Uluru

  10. Observe
    1 I see a huge rock in the Simpson Desert that was made by water.
    2 I see some trees around it and a hole in it.
    3 I see ditchers in the rock.
    1 I wonder how did it get so big by the water / how long did it take for the drought.
    2 I wonder how long it took to get so big.
    3 I wonder how long it has been around for.
    1 I infer that it is a mountain of sand from the sea bed.
    2 I infer that there are sea weeds on Uluru.
    3 I infer that there is dead stuff on Uluru like crabs.

  11. Observe
    I observe that Uluru is a traditional rock celebrated by the aboriginals.
    It has changed its shape over the years.
    It changes at sunset and apparently goes purple.
    It is a secret land and cost a lot to go in there.

    I wonder what Uluru looked like before it changed shape.
    Did the aboriginals climb this rock before the evolution happen?
    How did it look was it before the English people came?
    When did the aboriginals share the rock with the director of national parks?

    I infer that Uluru looked a lot bigger and a lot taller.
    Probably not because it is one of their land but you never know!
    I think it looked like bigger and longer probably.
    I thing around when Kevin Rud was around (1975)

  12. Observe
    I see uluru.
    I see tree.
    I see green grass.
    I see a big rock.
    I see rocks.
    I infer that uluru is 450 km.
    I infer that it will not be there in years.
    I infer that you can climb on it.
    I infer that Uluru is a big rock.
    I infer that we are in NT.
    I wonder if Uluru is the biggest rock in the world.
    I wonder if we can climb on it.,
    I wonder how tall it is.
    I wonder how Big it is.
    I wonderwho made it.

  13. Obverse
    1. I obverse there is a rock in the picture and it’s called Uluru
    2. I obverse there is a rocky ground around Uluru
    3. I obverse there is a lot of tree around Uluru and be hide Uluru
    4. I obverse there is a crack in Uluru
    5. I obverse there is bush around the trees and on the ground and there are some bush on Uluru
    Why Uluru is so big when you are close to it?
    Why does Uluru change colours when the sun sets?
    Why is there bush on Uluru?
    I infer there is a crack Uluru because aboriginal have lived in it there for thousands of years
    I inter that the ground is rocky because the aboriginals didn’t have no path to walk on they only had dirt ones.
    I infer that there is a lot of trees and bush around because they had no axes to cut them down.

  14. 1 I can see a big rock in Austria.
    2 i can see a bath that you can climb up.
    3 I can see lots of trees.
    4 I can see send.
    5 I can see a path
    1 i wander if it chinch calls.
    2 i wander if you can climb it.
    3 i wander if there’s any aboriginal
    4 i wander if they theca there
    5 i wander there’s any papal live there if
    1 i infer than the rock will get bigger.
    2 i infer that papal will
    3 I infer that theirs trees there.
    4 I infer that the there’s sand there.
    5 Infer that theirs a bad person there

  15. I can see:
    -The change of the colour of the rock at different times of the day.
    -Underneath the ground, the being way bigger than an elephant.
    -The traditional aboriginal spirits and stories protecting and surrounding the precious rock.
    -A decollate surrounding with no life or green or nothing.
    -A weird structure that looks like it’s not meant to be there.
    -I wonder why it changes colour each time of the day?
    -I wonder how big the rock actually is?
    -I wonder how the aboriginals found the rock and if multiple families lived there?
    -I wonder if the rock sucks up all the moisture?
    -I wonder why the rock is in the middle of nowhere?
    -I think it changes colour because of the sun’s place of the time of the day and the shade of the rock itself, the bright orange colour.
    -Because they say it is bigger underground, I infer it would take forever to find the bottom of the rock.
    -Since the aboriginals are the natives of Australia, I infer it was a major place to survive.
    -Because the rocks so big I infer the rock sucked all the moisture which means no grass around the area. Plus it’s in a desert in 40 degree heat.
    -I infer the rock is in the desert because of the type of rock, that orange bright type.

  16. O- I see dead grass. W- Why is it dead? I- I Infer it is dead because it is a dessert.
    O- I see a monolith in a dessert. W- What is a monolith? I -I Infer a monolith is a huge single rock because it is in the text.
    O- I see a blue sky. W- Is it like that all the time? I- I Infer it isn’t because there are plants (lots are dead) but if it never rained they couldn’t of existed.
    O- I see bits of rock poking out everywhere. W- How did that happen? I- I Infer it was created like that because all rocks are different.
    O- I see a dessert. W- How often does it rain? I- I Infer it doesn’t rain often because it is dry.

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