Look to Learn-Activity 1.


What do you think this statement means? Explain your think by leaving your response on the blog.


13 thoughts on “Look to Learn-Activity 1.

  1. I think it means that when you learn stuff you remember it for a while then after a month or a week. Then you forget it after, which is why it says wisdom (memory) lingers because people forget important things, like learning in maths we remember to carry the one over or add a zero but then a month later we thinks it’s not important anymore so we forget about it as if it’s not important than remembering where the treasure is in a game you finished a millions times. We try to remember things that are important in future but we just forget or learn something new and try to remember that.

  2. I think it means that you are thinking about what you mean and what you do. I think Knowledge means that you are thinking about some thing

  3. I infer that this text means that you know something, but you aren’t able to tell people what it means. So what I’m also saying is that you know something, but if you see it again, you forget what it means because your wisdom has lingered. E.g. If I teach you the meaning of a word, you will know what it means. But if I ask you what it means again in a month, you will forget about it. I am pretty sure that linger means that it takes a long time for you to forget about something, which means if your wisdom lingers, you know it for a long time and then forget about it. So, to sum it all up, this quote (in my opinion) means that you get a piece of knowledge, but soon after that you forget about it.
    The boy was told the meaning of fractions. Soon after that, his knowledge lingered after reading a test about it.

  4. I think that it means that you learn something and you learn it for a long time and then you forget it then do not know what it is and have to learn from the start . You always forget it after you have learnt it and you move on and do not remember it. When you do a test and do not remember it means that you did not use your knowledge and did not remember it.

    I think it also means that when you need to do something you do not know your knowledge drops and the wisdom drops so you can not tell anyone.
    The boy learnt times tables, then the next two days a test started and his knowledge lingered .

  5. Look and learn activity 1
    I think this statement means full of wisdom lived this experience they have great advice and tips.
    I think this statement means old people have a lot of wisdom.
    Your knowledge you retain it you keep locked in you use it later in life.
    I think this statement means that most people don’t retain their wisdom and they forget things so they can’t give you any advice or tips to help you later in life and then that person won’t be successful in what decide to do.
    I think this statement means that elderly people have a lot of memories but some forget.

  6. I think it means that when you are told something you remember it for a while and then later on you forget it. But its not like you are going to forget walking because you learn to walk when you are little.

  7. I think that this quote means knowledge is temporary. Not all knowledge is temporary, though. I know this for a fact because all old people remember stuff from the past. They start like this: “When I was your age… or “I remember when”
    Here is what I think the second bit of the quote means: Wisdom wants to come to you, but it’s not always welcome. So that’s why wisdom lingers, hoping to be let in.

  8. Look to learn
    I think it means that if you don’t remember what you’ve learnt you will do the wrong thing. Example when you’ve learnt not to touch hot things and you don’t listen and forget you will touch it anyway because you didn’t listen to what someone said to you and then you’re stuck with a really painful burn and that is hard to cope with.

  9. I think that it means that you learn something new every day and then you can remember it for ever and then you would know it for a long time and if you lock it in you will not now what it is and then if someone asked you something you wouldn’t know it because you forgot it and if you lock it in you would answer the question and you wouldn’t get it wrong and then you might even win the quiz and then if you were the only one who got it rite you would win a prize and it might be a car or money.
    Exemple: i learnt that you can make circuits out of a battery wires and a botton

  10. Knowledge is when you learn a new thing for example 100 times 100 = 10,000 my little sister I told her the answer then e she forgot the answer the next day she remember the answer.
    My cousin forgot the answer for 15 times 15 = 225 then he remembers it.

  11. Knowledge means to get stuck after learning about something new and forget the purpose how to do it for example I had told my cousin how to make cupcakes and she had forget how to make them and then after a few week she Remember how to do it so well better than me I got very surprise and so proud of her.

  12. I think it means when you are told something you remember it for a little bit you forget then when someone tested you on it you can’t remember it so you get it wrong and that sometimes you completely forget it and you hurt yourself or you get it wrong.

  13. What do you think this statement means: I think this statement means that knowledge is your learning and the two words knowledge comes mean that it doesn’t mean that it just pops into your head that’s not what it means I think it means that you will learn things throughout your life even. When you are an adult you can learn new things for example if you’re at work you could spill your coffee on someone else’s work or on them than next time you would be more careful The word wisdom means you have kept the knowledge that you have learnt when you were a child even a younger adult that you would love to share on to others to keep the power of knowledge and wisdom in our world now or in a long time even. The two words wisdom lingers mean that the wisdom that people have kept lingers around others the word lingers means wandering or moving around and flowing wisdom lingers means that wisdom from people is being shared to youngsters and people who don’t know things for example if someone had a problem and someone else had the same problem they could work together to fix the problem or go to someone who has been through the problem or has learnt things from problems this whole thing has much more meanings.

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