Holiday Interviews!

Hi Everyone!,

We hope you had a fantastic 2 week break and are ready to tell us all about it?

This morning you are going to find a partner from the opposite class and you are going to interview each other about your holiday and report your findings back to the class.

In your notebook you need to think of 6 questions you think will help us learn the most about your partner and what they got up to over the past 2 weeks.

Did they go away anywhere? Did they see or visit anything or anyone of interest? Do they have a holiday highlight?

Did they see a movie and would they recommend it?

Did they spend time with family or a parent they don’t usually see?

Ask you partner your questions and record their responses and then answer the questions they have for you.

You are expected to introduce your partner and recall as much of their responses as possible.

Remember, to really engage your audience, its best not to reading information straight out of your book!1471816_864267250251547_4690608069804267798_n 10628049_862333377111601_2130625682094131628_n 10644411_864266846918254_7721993815625547659_n


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