Today in science we are going to be looking at water and the different varieties available to drink.

Materials- Plastic cups
Soda Water
Mineral water
Tonic water
Bottled water
Tap water

Introduction– What different types of water do you know of? List these in your book. Can you distingush between the different types of water by sight or taste?
Focus Questions!
What is soda water? How is it created?
Can soda water be turned back into water? Why/Why not?
If we add a sultana to water and soda water what will happen? Predict your answer.
Watch and see! What happened to the sultana after 1 minute? Why? 5 minutes? Why?
What do you predict will happen to the the sultana if it is left in the water and soda water over night?
Why does Soda water go flat? How long does it take to go flat?

Soda water with lots of carbon dioxide bubbles
Over night the carbon dioxide bubbles have popped and we have been left with still water.


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