Week 4 Homework – measurement

Mr Price's Classroom

Good Morning or Evening Everyone (depending upon when you’re reading the blog)!!!

It’s time to go hunting….

For this hunt you’ll need to be equipped with something to measure with and you may need some help with things you are hunting for.

During this measurment hunt you need to find the length of:

1. Yourself

2. A parent

3. A Sibling (brother or sister) if you have one.

4. A friend

5. Your bed

6. Your Television


7. Your dinner table

You need to find the length of each item and write it in cms and then CONVERT IT to metres.

Good luck on your hunt!!!

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8 thoughts on “Week 4 Homework – measurement

  1. Me: 152cm or 1.5m
    Dad: 175cm or 1.75m
    Josh (my little brother) 114cm or 1.14m
    Mary-Anne (friend) 152cm or 1.5m
    Bed: W- 210cm or 2m L-95cm
    TV:106cm or 1.1m :>

  2. i was 161cm I am 1 metre and 61cm tall
    my mum was 176cm my mum was 1 metre and 76 cm tall
    m sister was 152cm my sister was 1 metre and 52 cm tall
    my friend was ?
    my bed was 191 cm so my bed is 1 metre and 91 cm long
    my dinner table was 210cm my table is 2 metres and 10 cm
    my tv was 52cm my tv was 0.52 cm

  3. I measured myself and I got 152cm or 1.52 metres.

    I measured my mum and she was 176cm or 1.76, dad was 181cm or 1.81 metres.

    My sister was143cm or 1.43 metres.

    The table in length 180cm and width is 100cm.

    T.V length is 156cm and width is 13cm.

    My bed length is 215cm and width is 200cm

  4. 1. Yourself
    1510cm or 1.51m
    2. A parent
    1650cm or 1.65m
    3. A Sibling (brother or sister) if you have one.
    1100cm or 1.10m
    4. A friend
    1770cm or 1.77m
    5. Your bed
    L 1850cm or 1.85m
    W 1350cm or 1.35m
    6. Your Television
    W 1230cm or 1.23m
    W 730cm or .73m
    7. Your dinner table
    L 1520cm or 1.52m
    W 920cm or .92

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