Solar Power Ideas From Around the World

It seems, traditionally women make the greatest impact on the environment as they are the larger consumers. Shopping, both large and small purchases are made by women in society. Most women are the ones that make the time to research and book holiday destinations, so tourist destinations and resorts need to cater for things important to women.

Women need to be the target audience of most advertisement campaigns and it is women who need to fully grasp the significance and importance of trying to save our environment and how we can do this!

Have a look at some of the zany solar power ideas countries have designed and are using. Could you incorporate any of these ideas into your tourist attraction/resort design?

By the end of today’s Inquiry session, you and your partner will be expected to have your inquiry question and hypothesis chosen and written up. You will need to have your mindmap and venn diagram completed, and have some good ideas about what type of resort or attraction you wish to design and how it will draw tourists into your business. How is your business going to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable?


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