What Makes Us Different??

This term we have been looking at adaptations, camoflauge and survival.
What are the two types of adaptations, living things can do to survive?
What does the term camoflauge and predator mean? How are they linked?

Today we are going to pair up with a member from the other class and test our characteristics.
It is easy for us to tell the difference between a humans or to tell different animals of the same species apart. Why? because of their charateristics.
Some characteristics we inherit? What does this mean?
Some of our characteristics are determined by our environment. Explain what this means and give me examples of inherited and environmental characteristics.

Today you are going to record the following-
Do you have a widows peak?
Long second toe? Short second toe?
Atached earlobe, or unattached earlobe?
Can you roll your tongue or not?
Is your little finger bent or straight?
Do you have hairy fingers?
Do you have hairy toes?

Which ones of these characteristics are inherited or environmental?

We will record everyones results and make a table to record these.


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