Homework-Week 7

For homework this week you will need to write a descriptive 100 word challenge.

The prompt is:

… as it shivered, they…

Think about what shivered… and who are they?

You need to think carefully about this prompt and write it in the right person and tense! Ensure your writing is very descriptive and use lots of adjectives, synonyms, tier 2 words, emotive words, similes and maybe a complex sentence.


29 thoughts on “Homework-Week 7

  1. It was a windy Friday, the day Gaelyn was hoping to come for the whole week. The end of the week was great. She trekked quickly home and kicked off her shoes at the front door. Running inside, she yelled “I’m home!” A figure appeared from around the corner that led to the backyard. Gaelyn stopped, her heart pounding fast. The figure was tall and slim. As it shivered, Gaelyn murmured quietly “Who are you?” The figure came closer towards her. As it did, she was able to make out who it was. “Gaelyn?” asked the figure. It was Dustin, her big brother. “Gaelyn, he repeated. Turn on the heater. I’m freezing.”

  2. it was a windy day when i went to school and i went to school and the heater wasent working our fish was cold as it shivered the fish was so cold they freez too depths i looked out the window the cat in the tree freez as well the peddles fell off the tree as fast as a rock miss bradbury said for us to go out side evey one was in one grope trying to get warm and beat the heat and not freez too i snuck in side i did not freez.

  3. The news was going crazy everyone thought that it was the end of the world. But it was only one alien that probably crash landed on that particular beach or was it an accident? The alien did look like he was searching for something. The beach was deserted except for me, I saw it step out of its tinny space craft and walk straight towards my home. I called 000 they thought I was crazy but they came any way I was so glad they did! As it shivered, they picked it up and carred it away I don’t know what happened next.

  4. As it shivered they straight from the old rusty door the local supermarket 200m down the road. When they opened they put their grey hoodies over their heads because of the discussing weather hit the community of America. During that 200m they were running all over the place because of the winds up to 60km an hour. Just as they got closer and close to the supermarket the winds got stronger and stronger by the minute. They were not aware that heavy rain falls were coming so they had to run faster and faster. Just as they got to the door they….

  5. On a cloudy, full moon night, my friends and I decided to view the great gargoyle that stood in the cemetery. We jumped into our speedy cars and zoomed off into the dark night. My friends thought something horrible would happen if we looked at the hideous gargoyle at night. I didn’t know what would possibly go wrong. There we were. We saw the frightening, yet interesting gargoyle. It had 2 small wings and 2 horns. It looked as vicious as a stalking predator. My friends were spooked and they wanted to leave. As the gargoyle shivered, they sprinted away and left me here alone…

  6. It was a windy Monday afternoon and the trees where swaying side to side in the hard wind, the birds weren’t singing or chirping, everyone was quiet. All we could hear was the wind and the rain pelting down, we all noticed that there was some thing under the blanket, as it shivered we all were wondering what it was. Someone went over and lifted the blanket, it was my little brother. We put the heater on and watched a movie.

  7. As it shivered, they all ran a away from the dragon. The dragon came straight at us we ran around the room trying to get out but the dragon kept blocking us. There is no way out and the dragon was breathing fire near us. We saw a window that might be able to get out of. We just need to clime up without the dragon seeing us. We went to a wall and and tried to go around we got to the window I got up on the window.I helped everyone out.

  8. I was out for my morning run, it was almost ice cold. I walked around the conner and found a massive bulldog, as it shivered, I ran as fast as I could. The bulldog started sprinting behind me, its vicious teeth grabbed my t-shirt and ripped the back of it off. I was puffing as I ran through the park, the huge bulldog was catching up to me. I picked up a stick and tried to throw it at the bulldog but I missed and hit someone riding their bike. I ran to my house and I jumped over my fence and the bulldog stopped chasing me.

  9. as the huge ape shiverd with anger i ran like lightning escape his fustration. as i was running i was so frightend my heart almost jumped out of myskin. The monsteris giant was mad at me because i crossed his terortorry. i did not have time even think what to do . so i just ran . after a while i was so puffed . and that was the fittest ape i have ever seen. as i got into my home town the ape finally stoped. And i was speechless. i went to my house and sat down. I did not know why there was an ape in traralgon. lucky i survived it

  10. “Quickly its this way” I shouted as I ran past the swaying willow tree. “Are we there yet Jacob?” Alice asked. “Yeah are we”Max asked impatiently. “We are here.” I responded in a low but easy to understand whisper. “Look right there the guy in the moon light. Watch carefully. ” The man stood there, soon accompanied by five more men. Then a small tree started to sprout out of the hard soil. As the men were watching the tree it shivered and they soon turned into giant mutant wolfs! We stared in shock as the wolf looked at the moon and screamed out a bone shivering howl.

  11. In a cold stormy windy night I was going outside for a little walk to get more fresh air I had seen a little puppy and it began to shiver it was really cold outside I had deicide to take it home in a very warm place so it can have a grate sleep for the rest of the night the puppy was very cute all so soft and ferry I loved the puppy so much I can not put it back where I find it .
    I started to have a feeling that none owned that puppy so I kept it as my very own pet.

  12. The wind was immense and louder then I ever imagined. I was poor that time and also alone, with no one to look after me. I had no soft blanket with me, had no house. All I was doing was sitting on the streets cold and sick. The wind was making the tress sway side to side making rustling noises. It was Winter and the frost was hardened on buildings. My body was numb and red. I could see a little dog walking by as it shivered, in the distance I could see something flying towards me. I was curious and befuddled. It was a BLANKET! I took this warm cloth over me and huddled it so hard. The warmness from this blanket shed all my goose bumps away.

    • Brilliant Bhavica..i loved your description..it created some great images in my head. .just make sure you reread your work as that would illuminate the few spelling and punctuation errors..well done 😉

  13. there lived a girl called ginger and she loves to piecing flowers and she loves to play on her compote and one day she said lets go to the park and play there for 20 minis sand she went bake to her place and eat all of the cookers and she and she so she went to her friends hose and she went bake home and went to bed

  14. As it shivered, they bolted out the house in fright. Those children promised themselves they would never enter it again. Then all of a sudden, BANG. The doors slam open and a shadow comes running out. The shadow looked like the head of a horse, the arms of a dog, a neck of a giraffe, a horn of a unicorn and a body of a fat cat. The unusual creature kept running for the children but the children hid behind a bush. The wind was blowing faintly and the fog was rising. The creature opened it’s bright red eyes and slowly walked away.

  15. It was a windy night trees have fallen and smashed cars as these little kids shivered I ran them down some blankets I think they were homeless kids they said their parents was out trying to make some sort of money. As it shivered the poor dogs and animals on the streets the rain was only getting heaver and there was no sign of the kid’s parents I said do you want to stay at my house until it stops raining and we will go look for your parents. The kids where fine with that they have never been in a real house before we went looking for their parents they found them and said thank you for watching us.

  16. HELP!!!! I scream running away from the hideous dog and a scary man . My best friend and I turned around the corner and crashed into a 2.53 meter tall man. I get up and say sorry and continue to run I turn around and sprint into an ally way. There’s a gate I look up and seen a caution sign it say electric fence do not touch. I turn around and see the dog and the man looking at me behind me. I slowly walk over to the dog and go to pat it. As it shivers they run away.

  17. ….As it shivered, they…..

    I was at home watching a horrible but awesome scary movie when soddenly I heard a growl ehhhhhhh I squealed I wanted to go and hide but I wanted to go see what it was so I did. I walked outside and seen a giant man and little people the giant man looked at me but as it shivered, they ran after me ehhhhhhh I squealed I ran off into my room and never walked out again. I ran under my bed but as I did I smacked my head and realised I was day dreaming. But then I heard a growl ah I screamed but then I realised it was the tv.

  18. On one fine day at school the kids were learning and the birds were singing, It was time for recess and all the children ran outside like a bulls, once all the children were outside it suddenly it was starting to get cold it started to rain, The trees started to shake a wired looking creature came falling out of the tree as is shivered, they all crowded around the creature , Then it was sunny again ever since that day they have looked after that creature.

  19. There I was walking home from a friends place and I was walking through the forest when I heard something then my bother Blair jumped out of a tree and said I have go a secret hide ‘’come to it I will race’’ hey wait for me Blair. But is was to late he was gone, when I walking back home on the path I heard something as it shivered, they jumped out for the bush and me I ran in fright back home and never came back to the forest

  20. As I woke up from a comer I opened my eyes slowly. No one was there I got up and started to walk around everything was in a horrible state there was not one sound I shivered as I walked into the room. It seemed like I was the only one there know nurses know doctors know other people only me. The only thing I can think of in my mine is what do I do where is everyone what happened. I walked into another room and there were zombies everywhere all I could think of now was to run so I did I was the only one to survive.

  21. As I shivered, they went up stairs to look at my baby brother and take him away as I went up stairs I saw the person with my brother and I thought why was he playing with him as the man look at me he jumped out the window with my brother and ran off. As I went to bed after dinner I could not sleep so I read a book or two after I went down stairs and watched tv and went to bed on the crouch. The next day I went to my brother’s room and he was there but I thought that a man taked him away so I went back to bed.

  22. It was a Windy,dark cold night i sit on the smooth blunt grass I saw something in the distance As it shivered, they Jumped and gave me a spook!
    The windy hard air blew across my face It come out a, a Dragon? but……. before i could finish this smart Dark Creature! aprotches It Spreads its wings out And flew i was glad it left I walk back into the warm cozy house Than i hear a strange sound What was that my brother said confused It was a Dragon!
    My brother looked at me and laughed Dragons! HA But was the dragon back? i thought

  23. I went down town and seen heaps of people running around Like wild animals I seen this old man standing there as steal as a statue with his eyes wide open gazing up at the sky as if something is going to jump over the tall building and eat him up that’s when I got a bit scared thinking what is going on so I stopped one of the people that was acting like a wild animal and I said ‘’what is wrong what is going on I looked at the sky and seen this massive wave coming over the building and ran so fast and suddenly the wave hit me…

  24. I was at home watching a horrible but awesome scary movie when soddenly I heard a growl ehhhhhhh I squealed I wanted to go and hide but I wanted to go see what it was so I did. My best friend and I turned around the corner and crashed into a 3.5m tall man.

  25. As it shivered the pirates got closer and closer. Their captain was brave to get 2 metres away from it. This object was kind of a weapon. It can predict the future but doesn’t mean it will happen. The pirate captain was now 1 metre away from grabbing but all of a sudden a assassin came in and took out the crew 1 by 1. The assassin took the skull looking shape and ran off with it. The captain ran after him… but the assassin tripped him over and face planted a barrel of gunpowder. The assassin sailed away in his ship… To Be continued.

  26. There were two kids in a magical forest but it went from happy to bad. There were dragons gorillas but the scariest of all was a dragon cross gorilla but there was still one happy thing; a lion. but the gorilla dragon is taking all of the happy things into bad thing so they can kill every thing I seen the gorilla dragon be for but we both were shivering it is afraid of human beans but some of the animals like to kill human beans so we made robot people to distract the animals that eat humans why we convince the gorilla dragon so we went to get the good side of the beast and we did the end.

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