Tuesday’s Math Rotation

Today you are going to work out the area and perimeter of the following pictures. Remember- Perimeter is plusing/adding ALL the sides together on the outside of the shape.
Area is either multiplying length x width = (don’t forget the little 2 to represent square cm2,m2 or km2.)
To calculate the area today is easier as you simply need to count the squares themselves.
Please do the working out in you book. Write the name of the animal the P=perimeter and A=area.
Activity 1) What is the area and perimeter of -:





Activity 2) Using the grid squares in your math book or Mrs Smythe may find you some grid paper, write your first name. Colour it in and cut in out and place it on some coloured paper. Then work out the area and perimeter of each letter of your name.
See the photo below to help you understand the task.



2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Math Rotation

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    Look upside down, you see a dazzling princess, and look the other way you see an ugly witch!

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