Week 9-Homework

Senior Homework: Week 9!
This Term we have been learning about sustainability in Inquiry.
For your homework, you will need to dare on this knowledge…

1. Explain what does the term sustainability mean and why it is important.

2. Write down all of the things that you currently do in your house that helps to safe the environment.

3. Write down at least 5 things that you COULD also be doing in your house, to help save the environment.

This is due Monday the 8th of December!


13 thoughts on “Week 9-Homework

  1. 1. Sustainability means that the sustainable object will last and look after the environment. It is important because we all want to live in a non-polluted area, but if we aren’t looking after the environment, it is obviously polluted.

    2. In our household, we recycle boxes, cardboard, bottles etc, we dry our washed clothes out on the washing line, instead of using electricity to dry our clothes, we don’t leave lights on in rooms that we are not in, we have a vegetable garden and fruit trees, we have chickens, which produce eggs after we buy new ones from when cheeky Mr. Fox has his favorite dinner, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products, we ride to school, which doesn’t pollute the air, and we use our own wood to make our own fire which saves electricity.

    3. We COULD have, solar panels to save using as much electricity, water tanks to get our own water, walk/ ride to places near us to save us driving, which uses petrol and is a big form of the world’s pollution, which can never be undone by humans, make some of our own clothing to save rubbish: for example the tickets, and use some of our recycling for projects, at school or at home.

  2. 1- Sustainability means thing that helps the environment. This is important because the bush has a lot of fresh air and if it is not looked after it will turn polluted.

    2- In my household, we play outside more so we are not using lap-tops/ T.V/ Games. We use the clothes horse or we use washing line to dry our clothes.

    3- We could have solar panels, wind mill and more trees around our house. We could also add more animals and plants for the animals to eat more.

  3. 1. Sustainability means something that saves or helps the environment. 🙂 It is important because we want a better environment to breathe and let alone sleep in!

    2. In my household, we Save water by not using as much, we recycle go outside! so we are not always inside!! and we also try not to Litter (we don’t litter)

    3. We could have windmills to get wind easier, Have more/less trees, maybe even recycle a bit more, Go outside a lot, and use less water and even food!

  4. Sustainability comes from the word sustain, meaning being able to preserve/ save something for a long time. We have to sustain our resources so as not to waste things.
    In my household, we don’t run the tap on unnecessarily while brushing our teeth. We only turn on the tap when we need it.We hand wash our dishes and sometimes our clothes. We also turn off the light each night when we go to sleep.
    What my family could do to save the environment is installing solar panels and having a maximum amount of time for using electronics.

  5. Explain what does the term sustainability mean and why it is important.
    Sustainability means something that can go on forever. I think it’s important because it helps to save the environment

    2. Write down all of the things that you currently do in your house that helps to save the environment.
    At home we just installed 12 Solar Panels to help collect energy from the sun to give us power. At home we use recycled boxes to turn them into things we could use around the hose.
    3. Write down at least 5 things that you COULD also be doing in your house, to help save the environment.
    Wecould install rainwater tanks to collect the rain and use it for our plants and pets. We could install. 2 We could install wood fired heaters to keep us warm in winter. 3 we could install it you live on a farm use wind turbines to save wind usage. 4 we could install electrical air conditions to keep cool in summer. 5 We could install gas heaters to save on our gas bills.

  6. Explain what does the term sustainability mean and why it is important
    sustainability you can be eco friendly and save the environment
    Write down all of the things that you currently do in your house that helps to save the environment
    1) by picking up rubbish you see laying on the ground
    2) turn off the light each night when we go to sleep
    3) never lave tap on unless washing the dishes
    Write down at least 5 things that you could also be doing in your house, to help save the environment
    1) using electricity properly
    2) how to control gas
    3) the way to control water
    4) control of the garden
    5) control of house holds

  7. 1.It means that you are being sustainable and to do that you need to not polute the air take care all nature and animals and making things reusable and also picking up rubbish helps make the enviroment sustainable.
    2. turning off the lights at night, not leaving the taps on unless using dishwasher or laundry uses, and having long showers does not help.
    1 Set a time limit for shower.
    2 hand wash dishes.
    3 only use lights of really neccesary.
    4 dont sit your devises on charger for lo9nger than necceasary.
    5 dont leave tv or anything on other wise it is wasting our preciose elctricity.

  8. Sustainability is a word that means you can re use things for a long time. Things like water and gas last forever, because they have a cycle which keeps them running. Being sustainable also means to keep the environment healthy.

    Right now in our house, we have a recycling system which means that we are re-using objects. We have a fireplace to keep us warm instead of a heater that uses electricity. Sometimes we wash our clothes on a clothes so that we are washing our clothes naturally.

    5 things to be sustainable:

    1: We could have solar panels to use instead of electricity.

    2: Try not to use our car as much so that we don’t cause too much pollution.

    3: Get a fan so that we don’t have to use an aircon.

    4: Try our best not to litter at all around the house or outside so that it doesn’t wreck the environment.

    5: Only collect fallen down trees to put into our fireplace instead of getting cut down trees.

  9. Sustainability means something that you can save for a really long time. It also means something that saves the environment.

    2. Each night I turn off every light in my house, I also turn off my t.v when I’m not watching it, we wash our cloths on a cloths horse so we aren’t using the washing machine, we also have a recycling bin that we put our plastic bottles in.

    3. We could have more trees around our house, we can also have a windmill, we should have some solar panels so we save power, we could have a fireplace, we can not use our cars so much and walk a bit more.

  10. Sustainabilityeans to keep gaining profit from a business for years to come. Keep on going for a long time .e.g if a farmer wants to stay in bbusiness he will need to grow his own veggies and fruit or grow and breed his animals.

    in my house we turn off a lot of electrical devices to stop using a lot of power.
    We supply our own water from the roof that travels into our tanks through our filter and into our house.
    We turn off our light when we dont need them or am not in the room.
    We use our fire place to jeat up our water in the winter.
    We use solar panels to also heat up our water in the summer.

    Turn off our power point at night.
    Turn off our points with phone charges in them.
    To use water properly, turn taps off while brushing.
    Washing our plates with a dish washer instead of hand washed.
    Changing our light globes to eco friendly globes.

  11. Sustainability means to keep something running for a long period of time and to make some money of it.

    In my house we turn off all taps and light when we are not in a room or not using the tap anymore. We all so at night turn off all power points from walls.

    We could have water tanks eco friendly shower heads and reuse clean water.

  12. sustainability is some thing to do with the earth because it is to help the earth stay green.

    turning of lights using water cans only have 5 minute in the bath- shower

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