100 Word Challenge




Here is a photo of my new baby Koda. He is a Bandog Mastiff and he is 7 weeks old.
Look at him. You are now going to be him and write me 100 words on what you think he is thinking, planning, hoping etc?


7 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. I am feeling weird and nervous. I am cute and adorable and my name is Koda and I live with Kim, Alex, Ben and Brian as well as a friend named Charli. I have a bed that I share with Charli. I think if they are thinking I am adorable baby. I wonder if they will keep me for ever. I wonder if they will take care of me like I am a baby. I feel loved and treated nice. I love my new family. I wonder if charily is jealous and sad. I wonder if they love me.

  2. I was taken away from my family and placed into a mechanical vehicle. Before I knew it, the earth was suddenly whizzing past me as we drove away. And I was taken to a new home. Koda!! Put those boots down now!! My owner screamed at me. My name is Koda and I was recently brought to this new home with a loving family. Wait a minute. Who is this other dog? She keeps on staring at me. I began to feel anxious. A mischievous thought flew into my mind. I wonder what we can do. Maybe we can chew on some delicious work boots.

  3. 100 word challenge 23-3-15

    My name is koda. I’m getting a new home with strangers! I’m getting taken away from my family. I am scared where am I going to sleep? What if they don’t feed me? On Sunday afternoon a herd something it was my new owner. She picked me up and I felt safe again. When I got to my new home there was another dog. After a little we started to play around. I was surprised I had never been treaded so well before. When I got feed I desperately wanted more because it was scrumptious. That night I settled in. me and Charli shard a bed. I love my new owners!

  4. 100 hundred word challenge

    ‘Wow’ shoe it must have been waiting just right there for me to chew it all up mum and dad will be so happy to buy more for me to chew up again. Oh what’s that lovely smell rushing into my dinner bowl all ready to eat yummy, Charli Woof barks Koda ready to play well I am come on lets go Charli pounce and play tagger war and now I’m going to lay down in till mum comes into the door to give me a big hug and Charli one to but I’ll get a bigger and better hug because she loves me more because I’m cuter.

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