Term One Holidays!😄


Hi everyone,
I hope you all have a happy and safe 2 week break from school.
Im planning on doing some school work, spending time with my friends and family and am off to Sydney on Good Friday for the Easter break.
Write and tell me what your plans are for the holidays or what you actually did..
Remember to include what you were thinking, feeling, wondering, who you were with etc.
Stay safe and I’ll see you next term ☺


3 thoughts on “Term One Holidays!😄

  1. It was the 9th of April and it was my Nan’s birthday. We were going to a bowling club and our cousins, Nan’s sister’s and husbands, pop and others. We were waiting for mum to get home from work. Mum got home and got dressed we were wearing respectable clothing, our big sister Cassy was watching us while mum was at work. I had to wear flats because I had a broken two. We went to Nan’s to pick up a jumper of our Nan and pop’s Nan was waiting on pop because he had just had finished work. We got their and came in we sat down and said hello to the people who were already there a couple of minutes later our cousins came in. Nan and pop came in right after them I got up and said hi and gave Nan a hug because I gave here present to her before. Nan opened her other present to here, mum asked what did we want to eat me and Maddison got the same. Stephanie had roast. Mum went up and order, mum got us colouring in packs. I, Stephanie, Maddison, Sam and tom played my aunty Anne. I was starving! I started to colour my pack in Cassy showed me a picture of bat man. 20 or 25 minutes later we were eating cake the one that we all love! i was angry at Stephanie because she kept on being annoying as hell. We said good bye to everyone especially Nan. Pop, Nan, Aunty Anne and Cassy where going to Cassy’s house in Melbourne and then they were going somewhere else down there. I wonder why mum didn’t go to with them and leave us with our big cousin. I was the best day of the holiday so far.

  2. After school on Friday I had to finish packing my bags because the next day I was camping at the Portsea CAMP for 6 days!!! On Saturday I went to Newman Park AT 9:30am to get picked up by an Apex bus which were the people that organized the camp. I waited with my good friend Bridie that was also going to the camp. When the bus arrived Bridie struggled to put her huge 4 bags in so I helped her put it in. We sat in the front of the bus with 2 others and headed off to the 3 other stops Trafalgar, Morwell and Lang Lang. Along the way our other friends Caitlin, Willow and fraternal twins Madelyn and Jordan.

    We arrived late at 1:48pm and were welcomed by Tiger Lily, one of the reckies who runs activities. She showed us around the camp and everyone asked over and over where was Socks who was a favourite last year who we soon saw.

    We all met at the basketball court and played dodgeball which was funny especially when Unicorn did eenie meanie minie mo but put himself in. Before we started activities we sang songs which were funny and weird such as Shaving Cream, There was a moose, Shark Song, Little Red Wagon, Hump De Dump (My favourite) and The Princess Pat.

    The activities were fun and we had 4 sessions a day which included the giant swing, high ropes, boogey boarding, fishing, swimming, raft building, snorkeling, bike riding, exploring, flying fox, dodgeball, amazing race, gaga ball and concert practice.

    Every night we would play a night time game with our table which was fun and one night time was a walk to Port Nepean which took forever but was fun. On that nght time activity I was called marshmallow because I had so many layers on so I felt like one.

    On the last night there was a concert which I was in and I sang and danced with a group to the song You Ruin Me by the Veronicas and I sang to Dear Future Husband by Megan Trainer.

    See you at school tomorrow!!! 😀 😛

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