Gallipoli Research Project

As many of you are aware, next weekend marks the 100 year anniversary since Australian and New Zealand soliders landed on the shores of Gallipoli to fight the Turks. Gippsland was the area of Victoria that had the highest amount of young men to enlist in this war. Many enlisted as they saw it as an adventure. To leave their families farms and see the world, and many where fighting for their beloved countries freedom. Unfortunatley many things went wrong on the mornng of April 25th 1914 and the soilders, who arrived by boat, landed on the WRONG beach. Someone go the calculations wrong. Instead of landing on soft white sand, out soliders were shoved out of their boats and left to climb up solid cliff faces like mountain goats, whilst the Turkish army stood above them firing down. They really didnt stand much chance of survival. IT was a blood bath!
Once the smoke cleared and things settled a bit, a few soliders managed to scale the cliffs and trenches were dg and the Turks did the same and the battles continued.
Whilst I believe all soliders and nurses who were part of this war are our heros, a few have been recognised and remebered for selfless acts of heroism.
Today you are going to chose a solider or nurse that have been recognised fro their bravery during this epic battle. You are to research this person. Remembering when we do a bilography you must include, name, date of birth. Some information about where the person grew up. Age of enlistment or nursing. Can you locate a reason why they joined up in the army or became a nurse? Where they did their training? Where they were sent to fight? The Batallion they belonged to. The events of the battle that saw them recognised for bravery. How they died? Did they make it back to Australia and marry and have children?
All these things need to be considered. You can present your information on paper, or use a computer program like powerpoint or movie maker? Remember, you need to include picture and or diagrams to help you.
Don’s waste time. You have until lunchtime today and an hour Tuesday to complete this project. They will be presented to the class Wednesday and Thursday next week. If you waste your time, you will be expected to give up your recess and lunchtime to complete it or we may make it homework, so be an ACTIVE learner and work quietly and independently.


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