Persuasive Writing- Should All Australian Students Be forced to Do National Service?

Today you are going to unpack a seed, both for and against the above topic-Should students, when they leave secondary college, be forced to complete a period of National Service in the Australian Army?
Many countries around the world still enforce this law. Where males, and sometimes females as well, must complete one-three years training and working in the contries national army.
Countries like Israel, Singapore and Finland, still enforce this. Its often referred to as Conscription. In the 1960’s much of Australia was in turmoil when the government used this method to chose young men to go and fight in Vietnam. They used a lotto draw system where bys if a birthdate was picked out of a barrel then all young men born on that date were expected to go and fight, despite the fact they were given very little or no training!
This is termed a Conscription and is prevalent in many parts of the world. Among developed countries only Israel, Singapore and South Korea still have conscription. The primary reason for forced conscription is to help really small countries to build a sizable defense force. The number of people in 18-24 age group is about 1.2 million for both Israel and Singapore. Assuming people do a 3 year service and there are no exemptions, that leaves only 600K people. Not too big compared to the armies of their neighbors.
What are your thoughts regardling this today?


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