Homework Week 3-Due Monday 11th May

As most of us have been working on, or revisiting Narrative writing. This week you are to complete a 100 Word Challenge.
Remember to use emotive words, to help with your description. Any work that has spelling mistakes in it will be deleted and you will be expected to redo it.
I suggest you write this as a WORD document first before you post it on the blog and then post it so you continue to have a copy in case something goes wrong.
The prompt you need to include in your challenge is-

‘…the bright flash….’

This 100 word challenge should be between 95 to 105 words. Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Homework Week 3-Due Monday 11th May

  1. ‘…the bright flash….’
    It was 9:PM 2004 on a Sunday when this horrible accident accrued.
    I was on the way home from a party it was cold and wet so i wasn’t able to see very clear on the way I saw lots of cars and motor bikes.
    In the back seats I had my children and wife they were very quiet. Then I saw a BRIGHT FLASH I thought it was a was a motor bike so I keep on driving as I got closer to the motor bike. I saw a bus I tried stopping but it was to late I had already hit it. My wife and kids were ok just not me I ended up in hospital but I had my family by my side.

  2. It was dark and at my house I was happily playing my ipad until I heard a little bang, then it got louder, louder and louder until BANG! It was thunder and lightning. My dad, my mum and my little brother was in my parent’s room. I stopped playing my ipad, turned it off on the couch and joined them lying on the bed. When it got half way in the storm the bright flash happened right in front of the window. We were lying on the bed watching the thunder storm from my parent’s bed. Concrete went flying into the air.

  3. “Boom clap the sound of my heart beat it goes on and on”… AHHHHH who are you and what are you doing in my house? The person in the black windcheater, they didn’t answer but she saw the bright flash of a camera.
    A few days later she got a note it said, “ If you want to know who I am you better come and try to find me you only got 24 hours to come and find me she don’t take your time or I will hunt you for the rest of your life”… to be continued

  4. My heart was rending when the flashing lights hit my face. The truck slammed into me and my brother Riley a week later I found out that I had been in a coma for a week and that my brother is deed. We went home my mum beckoned me down “Willow” I came down I felt guilty for the death of my brother. I was as quiet as a turtle when I came down for lunch my mum handed me an envelope and it said I have got into a dancing academy. But I didn’t want to go, my aunty came down and convinced me to I was have the time of my life but I really missed my brother.

  5. There it was right in front of me was the sword of life it had such a warm glow. The sword would be able to stop the contagious plague from killing my poor, small village. As I wielded the sword I saw a bright flash in front of me. All of a sudden all my wounds healed. I bolted to my white, strong horse, Coconut to ride back home to help my people and get the money (did I mention I did this for the reward). When I got back everyone was already healed and I saw my friend with the money, all that work for nothing.

  6. It was a late Monday night and lots of people at the party had been drinking to much. I was the one to drive everyone home it was around 11:00 at night and I was dropping off a friend, the last one and then I saw that bright flash and that’s all I rember…… I was apparently in a coma for abot fore weeks. I found out that I had one broken rib and my friend broke her collar bone it was all my foult I something I will never forget it was all my foult! I knew it was going to be hard but I keep getting wired feelings that I am never going to be the same! 😀😀

  7. One mysterious morning it was my 1 year old sisters birthday and she was 2 that morning it was pitch black I couldn’t see a thing so I sat in my and heard a gigantic BANG!!! It was so loud I thought my ears popped I was screaming then all of A SUDDEN! A super loud noise appeared in the distance ‘…the bright flash….’ No now run it is so bright a disturbing I can’t look any more it hearts my eyes so so much why my family and me I wish it never happened to use on this day.

  8. On a cold stormy night, my friends and I were at a birthday party. During the party the power had gone out leaving the light of the moon shining through the windows. As we thought this couldn’t get any worst, a clap of thunder roared through the house, giving us quite the shock. Although we were in shock, a Bright Flash appeared from the closet frightening us. When the light flashed, it appeared to be that one of our friends was missing. Just as we got to the closet, our friend jumped out terrifying us. The power suddenly turned on when our parents walked in…….

  9. It was about 12:35 when I heard the noise. It sounded like muffled voices in the kitchen. I slowly crept through the hallway. As I was about to step on the cold tile floor I saw three dark, tall shadows. Then I saw heads tilt and they stared at the hallway. I wondered if they’d find me in the darkness or not. I dashed through the hallway towards my bedroom. They heard me. I was about to turn the doorknob and they found me. They cornered me. They were about to reach for then…. A bright flash…. I woke up. It was all a dream. It was morning and birds were singing. I burst into the kitchen and had my breakfast. I never forget how real that dream was.

  10. 100 Word Challenge
    It was late on a Tuesday night and I was heading for the Star Bar. On the way I passed a terrible crash site where victims lay wounded on the asphalt. I was GROSSED OUT!!! Finally I reached the Bar and I was ready to party all night long. The DJ started to play some epic tunes where everyone got into the groove. WOAH!!! What was that? It looked like a bright flash. While everyone else partied and having a good time I snuck around the back to see what the blinding bright flash was. Suddenly I spotted it. A cable in one of the backup speakers snapped and caught on fire. Everyone in the bar was in grave danger!!!

  11. On one dark night there was a parson called Barry Alan he was finishing up in his lab but then he saw a bright flash he got hit by it he survived but some thing was different he run home he run really fast about 360km he went th star labs with dr wells he said you are the flash Barry one of the fastest man alive he was a hero he save people from fires car crashes he became central city’s new hero there was people like him but they used there powers to hurt people and take of central city Barry put them away they were fixed and set free he was famous and hero and that’s who the flash is with his bright flash across the city.

  12. It was almost sunset and I was heading home. I said to my mum I would be home at 11:00pmand it is 12:00pm. What will my mum do to me?will I be grounded for ever and never come outside to the real world. Now it is 5:00am I was very tired.
    I will do it at lunch

  13. The flash
    There I was coming home at 12:00am from Bumper Carts and Laser Tag when a the flash of a truck lights hit the back of our car I got injured I was blackout that was all I could remember next thing I was in the hospital I said were am I you are in the hospital said Mum then I was terrified I could HAVE DIED yes said the Doctor but you were lucky you survived then next thing I know I a sleep again I could wake up AM I DEAD hope I NOT!!!!!!

  14. It was a dark night and disco lights were flashing extremely fast, red and blue I think. I was dancing to fast music I had a great time until, BANG!! The lights blew up, a white flash just suddenly appeared. I was unconscious for 17 hour the hospital told me, and they also told me I have a concussion. I was terrified when I heard my frightening results, it was possible that I could have died. The disco closed due to the devastating event. I’m glad I’m alive, my friends and family were too. my life was almost over wow.

    sorry it was late 😦 😦

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