The voting process!!


How does Australias Voting system work?
Australia uses a voting system called Preferential voting. Under this system, voters rank each candidate in order of their preference. When the votes are tallied, if no candidates has a majority of votes, the candidates with the fewest first preference is elliminated from the count, and his/her votes are re-allocated according to the preferences on the ballot papers. After this has occurred, the process is repeated until one candidate receives a majority of all votes cast, at which point they are declared ELECTED.

Which electorate are you in?
If you’ve never voted before, it can be a bit confusing. First step is to find out what seat you’re in. You can find out which electorate you are in on the Australian Electroal Commission’s website by entering your locality/suburb or postcode
Who can I vote for?
If you’ve been hanging out to vote for Tony Abbott or Bill Shorten, bad luck! Only a tiny percentage of the population actually gets to vote for the Prime Minister. So if you’re not living in the NSW electorates of Bennelong or Werriwa, you won’t find either of the two men up for the top job on your ballot paper.
Which candidates are running in your electorate?
Find out more about your seat, like whom your local member is, who else you can vote for and what happened last time. Once you know the name of your seat, find out more about the parties and their policies.
What are the main party policies?
Political Parties are key to an understanding of how Australian politics works. You can get an overview of each party here. Issues which are considered in each election, including such things as foreign policy, indigenous issues, tax reforms, the environment etc. are listed here. Check out each party’s official website to get detailed policy information.


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