Our trip to Parliament House

On Friday, May 15th; most of the senior unit travelled to Melbourne on the train, to visit, Victoria’s Parliament House.

It was a great day, enjoyed by all. Here are lots of the photos we took, that may help jog your memory when trying to complete your homework.



One thought on “Our trip to Parliament House

  1. 1. In the parliament there is 6 million dollars wreath of gold because it was being build in the gold rush.
    2. The house of senate isn’t call that in Melbourne it is called the upper house/ red house.
    3. The house of Representative isn’t called that either it’s called the lower house/ green house.
    4. The queen can only walk on the senates floor not the lower houses floor.
    5. years ago you could only be in the house of senate if you have royal blood in your family.
    6. In the upper house there is 2 eagles to watch them.
    7. When the mass is taken out of the room no body is allowed to talk, if the bell has been ringed and if there not there in 4 minutes the door gets locked and there not allowed in.
    8. During the day and night the mass is locked up until a new bill has been mad, any one can ask questions during question time.
    9. There is a lion to represent England, the unicorn stand for Scotland.
    10. the green in the house of Representative is a colour from England and the red is ruby red representative is for royalty.

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