Money makes the world go round

Today in maths in class we are looking at topic of money.

L.I- To understand why it’s important to learn about money and how to use it wisely.

S.C.- I will
– be an active learner.
-work well with your partner.
-think about money/currency, and explain why it’s important for a primary school child to learn to use, spend and respect money.
– complete and explain why you chose at 5 answers for each activity.

1) In your writers notebook, write the heading Money. Then write down everything your know about money. Work with a partner on your table. Quietly discuss and record in both your notebooks, what you both know. Do you know the name of all the coins and notes in Australian currency? Do you know the animals or people of the coins? The colour of Australian money?
2) Discuss and write down at least 5 ways you, as children can earn money and how adults earn money?
3) Discuss and record at least 5 ways you need money in life.
4) Discuss and record the types of way you can spend money?
5) Discuss and record what you know about credit cards. It isn’t real paper money or coin yet you can use it to purchase items? How?
6) watch the following YouTube clip. Everyone is to record 3 points of interest they learnt about money.
7) Why is money important? Can we survive in life without it?

Discuss you answers with the class.


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