Equivalent fraction dominos



This week we have been introduced to the topic of fractions. We know fractions are Equal parts of a Whole! That the whole can be a number or shape or anything really.

Turn and talk to the person next to you when you may see, use or have to know about fractions in everyday life??

L.I- to understand how fractions, decimals and percentages can all be linked and be equivalent.

S.C.- I will-
– be an active learner.
– be prepared to explain my thinking to the grade if asked.
-know what a fraction is and means.
-create a game that contains fraction, percentage and decimal cards.
– explain how the dominos I create can be matched and are the equivalent of each other.

In your maths books you are going to write down 12 pairs of equivalent pictures and/numbers/words.
You may write 1 whole= ()
Or 2/3 = 6/9
Or 50% = 1/2
Once you have your 12 pairs, you are going to write/draw them on a domino card. DONOT put the matching pairs on the same domino. You need to mix them up, so on one domino end you may draw 1/2 and on the other end have 75% written. Have a look at the picture of the dominos above here.
When you have you 12 dominos cut out and drawn, you can play the game with your partner. Good luck. Please ask for help if you don’t understand the instructions.


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