Shop til We Drop!

Good morning,
Last week we talked about the types of money we have in Australia and the different ways we can spend it.
Turn and talk to the person next to you for 2 minutes, and come up with 3 facts you know about money in Australia.

Today in Maths we are going to go shopping with imaginary cash! Sorry, it’s the best I can do.

L.I- To understand the importance of managing our money as we will need to in the real world!

You will be working in groups today. Doing different activities. You will all be shopping. You must keep track of how much you are spending. Record your working out in your maths book and make sure you DONOT spend over budget.

Group 1- Working with Mrs Wielgosz, will be given $10 and a couple of shopping catalogues. You will be buying snacks for school lunches. You must buy at least 1 healthy option. Record back to the class- J.J, Leteasha, Jordan, Jasmine, Shannon, Lam.

Group 2-You will be grocercy shopping for a dinner party. You must buy food for 4 people to make a dinner and dessert. You have $50 to spend. You must recod everything you buy. Cannot be prepackaged food. Must be something you have to make. Maybe a B.B.Q would be a good idea?
Josh, Chad, Dylan, Eboni, Luke, Phoebe, Maggie, Nick.

Group 3- You will be shopping for a family for a week. you have $200 to spend. You must record everything you buy and keep add up your purchases to keep track of your budget.
Taige, Ethan, Andrew, Issac, Jamera, Charli.

Group 4- You are buying a family car. You have $20,000 to spend. You must pay for insurance and registration with that money so you will need to look the cost of this up. It must be roadworthy when you buy them.
Mahnee, Kate, Blair,Jamera.


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