Model the Solar System

L.I- To understand where the planets are found in our solar system.
S.C- You Will-
-Work as an active group member.
-Contribute to group discussion.
-Ask you group members if you dont understand where the group.
-Write this experiment up in your science book as a science report.
-Write a conclusion and reflect on your hypothesis.

Today we are going to make models of the solar system. You will need to work in large groups.
The solar system is made up of the Sun, eight planets, dwarf planets, natural satellites of the planets, asteroids and comets.

Models of the solar system should be large enough to show the length of the planets orbits.
You need to use the following materials to make your model.
Use the BLM 16 to give you informations to use to help place your planets in the right place.
Firstly estimate where they need to be placed. Then make your model and use the sheet to help check your answers.

9 pieces of paper
1 volleyball/basketball
2 pins
2 peppercorn
2 golfballs
2 marbles


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