Homework Week 8- Due Monday 7th September

basementprompt-001100 Word Challenge!

Use the prompt below to write an interesting 100 word challenge.

*Remember, there should be no spelling mistakes in your post. Any misspellings of the 400 most common words (these are on your tables at school) or any major punctuation errors (capitals, full stops etc.) are unacceptable.

There will be a chocolate prize for the student in each grade with the best writing piece!


15 thoughts on “Homework Week 8- Due Monday 7th September

  1. Hi my students and I are on an excursion, and we are anxious of the creaking stair case everyone is so scared and horrendous and anxious of the terrifying stair casse.
    All of a sudden one of the teachers ran down the stars into a really dark creepy room, the other students also followed me in to the extremely disgusting room of dust. I started to talk to them about the student safety in why they should not have gone down there. So they listened to me next time and I hope they know not to safety means after this unbelievable experience on this trip.

  2. Hi I’m Mrs Polly and today I closed of the stair chase I didn’t want to get the school done for unsafety children, the school was petrified by the unsafety stair chase to get to the basement the basement was a rotten terrifying place to go no one liked going to get anything from down there in was rotten and dusty there where cob webs everywhere dead animals so it’s the right thing to close down the basements for both sakes for our school and the children. Luckily for the boss came we cleaned the mess up so we didn’t get fired.

  3. I wonder if there’s a door
    I wonder if there’s a blood on the steps
    I wonder if someone lives on the steps

    I can see wooden pools
    I can see a green thing on the steps
    I can see black on the top of the steps

    I infer if there a person on the top of the steps
    I infer that there a door
    I infer that there’s mood on the top of the steps

  4. 1942, a year of unsafe, falling apart schools. It was a miserable dark stormy day and the children indoors wanted to have something to play with, the children went down to the basement and it was caged off, the children asked the teacher why the basement was caged off he said “for your safety” the children were sad. But then the children realized that the room was rotting away so they got a piece of paper so they could write about something, probably the storm. It was so boring for the children they had nothing to do but work on writing. Then when the basement was fixed it the children were really happy.
    The End!!!

  5. BANG!! As the wooden creaky door slammed, the three girls were scared they thought it was a gun that went off!! Someone shouted and Prue jump. Prue and her two friends were at Penny’s house; they played truth or dare in the dark spooky attic. Paige dared Prue to go down into the horrifying basement. They all went down stairs through the kitchen and Prue speed walked down the rusty wooden stairs. She got off the stairs and she was on the ground and she saw a black spotty monster. She ran back up stairs and the monster came out. Paige turned on the lights but it was just Twilight the cat.

    By liz

  6. Wooh heard the new student at a haunted school. She was very frightened because she had heard rumors about murders in the school’s basement. Her best friend got enrolled 3 months ago and was never seen again. The playground was empty and quiet, maybe everyone is inside she thought. As she approached the entrance she felt a chill up her spine like something in there was not to be disturbed. When she walked in the first thing she saw was a door that was caged off, of course she had to investigate. She walked in and fell unconscious and died.

  7. GGRR!!!!! we were scared to death we went down to the basement to see the noise we saw a dinosaur we were like AARRHH we ran but the little dinosaur followed us we tried to tame it but it keep coming it looked like a baby Tea Rex and we were like if there’s there baby then where’s the MOTHER!!!!! THEN WE SAW IT AAARRRHHH RUN!!!!!!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?!! We grabbed mum’s car keys and ran to the car the tea Rex followed us it was running we had to call the army we were so SCARED TO DEATH. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!! 🙂 

  8. Have you ever heard of haunted stairs? Well if you haven’t here is the story of how they started.

    One fine summer’s day Rosy and her family were strolling to the supermarket. Then they had to creep up some stairs to get to the shops. The only problem was, they never saw ANYONE go up these stairs. But they still went up there. All they could here was ‘CREEK, CREEK’. Now that was a big problem if they couldn’t stop the creek, they would have to go the other way. Rosy didn’t want to go the opposite way because she wanted to meet her friend Poppy at the other side of the HUMOHGUS door. So Rosie’s parents were convinced that they had to go this way to, meet her friend. When they got to the 3rd step they heard voices saying ‘ help us please’! But they ignored the voices. ( The voices were actually people who have been sucked under the stairs by a ghost!) When they got to the 5th stair they heard more voices. But they still ignored them. But the most TERIFING thing was the top stair. When all of them put one foot on the 1st step they saw a ghost come out! AHHA Rosy was so terrified of the ghost that she got sucked under the stairs to! Rosie’s parents were so frustrated that they lost Rosy. they couldn’t say 1 word to each other. They were determined to get Rosy back but I can tell you one thing they never made it back. Find out what happened to Rosy and her family next time!

  9. GGRRR!!!!!! There was a loud noise when I begin to wake up look out of the window and saw a dinosaur I went outside then it begin to chase me so I ran into a basement. When I went inside it begin to roar then I screamed AAARRRRRHHHHH!!!!!! So I said MUM DAD go outside soon as they saw it we ran to call the force while a T-rex was coming after us. We were all screaming when I saw the T-rex I nearly going to become unconscious to my death so we found the force then they begin to kill the T-rex.
    By Lam

  10. BANG!!! a big noise comes from up stairs so i walk up and there’s a swat team that smashed our windows and slammed in to the ground and start to run in to the house i run down stairs the run to the basement it was dark i could not see then when i get to the bottom i turned on the light there was some humongous thing under a old blanket i ripped it off there it was one of the swats truck full of diamonds and gold then i hear people come down it was the swat they took the car and my father was arrested for stealing the he was gone don’t know were has gone but my question is “Where is my father?”

    By Ethan

  11. CLOSE!! The gate has closed forever because who ever goes down there has never returned. Nobody has ever escaped. Everyone knows that there is gold treasure down there but something was guarding it or setting a trap. At least one person goes down to get the treasure every day but they never return. Scientists think there is a carnivore down there. When people go down the steps into the darkness people from outside hear these weird sounds. Very few scientists thinks there are Velocirapters down there. People decided to bomb the top of the roof so they did. Just before they could bomb it, so much Velocirapters sprinted out and charged.
    110 words.

  12. Use the prompt below to write an interesting 100 word challenge.

    *Remember, there should be no spelling mistakes in your post. Any misspellings of the 400 most common words (these are on your tables at school) or any major punctuation errors (capitals, full stops etc.) are unacceptable.

    There will be a chocolate prize for the student in each grade with the best writing piece!

    It was a freezing, cold morning as we got ready for school that day. We were told to stay well away from the caged off basement. Why? We don’t know. Mum told us when we asked why they caged off the basement, the only answer will be ‘ student safety.’ We had no idea what she meant by that. As we drove to school all I could think about was the caged off basement. This did not help me at school because we had a maths test and because of my distraction I failed. Completely failed. My score was F+.

  13. Whip. The ninjas are falling and they had no choice but to pass down there powers to their kids and a green glow did not go to one of the new ninjas and there elements were. Earth, Ice, Fire and Lightning. But only one power had them all incudes one ordinary power and when he was old enough he go possessed the green ninja and his name is and he is trapped down the stairs and there was a video game called the five nights at Joshes. Josh was a cute yellow minion. He was only cute at the start of the game.

  14. My classmates and I are on camp and found a door behind the bookshelf in our cabin we asked the supervisors and they said for student’s safety but I knew there was something special down there. When it was 12:00 I sneakily stole the key to the door from the groundskeeper. I unlocked the door and went inside. AHHHHHHHH! I screamed as loud as I could but no-one could hear me. The walls were soundproof. In front of me, chained to the wall was a three headed dog. It was trying to attack me. OH NO! Someone’s coming. I hid behind a couple of rusty harps. It was Supervisor Daniel. What was he doing he took a lamp from the floor. I went back to my cabin and hopped into bed. There was something at my feet. The lamp. I rubbed the lamp. A flash of red and black flames….Pitch.. Black.. Dark.

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