How did you spend your holidays??

Hi everyone and welcome back to Term 4. Another busy term to finish off our school year. We have just had 2 weeks holiday. What did you do? Who did you see?
Today id like you to unpack a seed about your holiday. Then choose one place you visited, movie you saw perhaps, and write a review about it. Research when it opened? Who built it? The cost of it? Amount of employees? Where is it? Amount of visitors it gets a year? Entry cost? What is their to dothere? Access to park?
If you honestly did NOTHING all holidays, chose an attraction we are going to visit in Melbourne next week on camp and research that. You need to do a rough draft first once you  have your research. Then publish it once its been checked..REMEMBER NO PRINTING EVER!! This term without my knowledge. Not a picture, heading…NOTHING!!!







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