Structures in Europe

This term in Inquiry, we are looking at designing a structure in Europe. The countries we are going to focus on are England, Germany, Scotland, France, Spain, Russia and Italy.
By now, you and your partner have chosen your country you are going to research.
Today you need to focus on your question. Have a look at the following pictures of structures. Discuss with your partner what type of structure you are wanting to design toogether. This structure will have an impact on your question. Remember your inquiry question needs to be a ‘thick’ question. A HOW? or WHY? type question. Examples- ‘How could building a ____ help benefit he coastal area of _____in Spain?’ ‘How are the structures (name a few types) different compared to those in Australia and Why’?

Here are some photos of ancient and modern structures from all of these countries. But remember, a structure could be a fence? Does your country have a plague of animals they need to control? A wall, a church? a resort/hotel. a bridge, a statue of monument of someone famous that had a major impact on the town or city?, a pool, a theme park? All these structure must generate tourism. The whole idea of structures to to bring money to an area. Tourist want to come and spend their money visiting a structure. Why would someone want to travel to see yours?

Italy 3

Leaning Tower of Pisa

London  Bridge


Russia 2

Russia 3

Russia 4Eiffel Tower

German _dockland


Germany 3

Germany 5

Glass house spain3294622

Arc De Treumph

Big Ben


Buckingham Palace


germany 3



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