Science- How fast are you?

Today we are going to test your reflexes. What are your reflexes? Why is it important we have sharp reflexes?

As we are studying measurement in maths we are going to measure your reflexes.

Today you are going to work with a parter. One at a time you are going to hold a ruler at its base, down the bottom. You are going to close your eyes and when your partner and when your partner says ‘Go’ you are going to release the ruler and try to quickly catch it again. You MUST keep your eyes closed whilst catching the ruler. You will record how many centimetres down the ruler you got. Do this 10 times and record your results, then swap over and let your partner close their eyes and record their results.
Did you get better with your reflexes? Did you get worse? Why do you think?

15 cm= 0.18 seconds
22cm= 0.22 seconds
30 cm= 0.25 seconds


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