Measurement Investigation

L.I- To enhance our knowledge of area and perimeter.

Today we are starting our maths investigation to measure the school.
We are going to split into groups and work together using different equipment to measure the perimeter of the school.
Your group is to use one of the following-a tape measures, metre rulers.
1) As a group, you are to measure the perimeter, on the footpath, around our school ground.
You need to consider which side of the concrete you are going to measure and stay on that side.
Take chalk out with you and as a group work out how you are going to measure as accurately as possible.
Remember, its easier to measure one length and x it by 2 and one width and times it by two as the school block is a rectangle!
You ALL must record you measurements,diagrams, drawings, adding up, any equations, in your book.

2) Once you have recorded the perimeter of the school. You and your group must work out the amount of money it would cost to concrete the perimeter around the school.
If concrete cost $12 per square metre, How much would it cost to re-concrete around the school.=?
Now you must also ADD the cost to pay a concreter to come and lay the new concrete. Add an extra $450 to your total.
I want to see your calculations, multiplying/ adding, your equations, written in your book.

3) Next you are going to re-seed the oval, placing turf down on the oval. The ready made, ready to play strips of grass!
You are to work out the area of the school oval. Where do you believe the oval area starts and stops? From the edge of the footpath, or football field only? Around the play equipment? Discuss and argue your point with evidence.
If grass turf cost $15 a square metre how much will you need to cover the area of the oval?
Now you must ADD the labour cost to this amount. It will cost an extra $350 to pay to have the men from the company to come and lay the turf.
Now what is the entire cost to lay returf the school oval?

Once you have all your calculations to the questions. You may type this investigation up in word. Leave spaces to draw in any diagrams.You cfan use this as a piefce for you writer’s gift.
Good luck 🙂


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