Week 7 Homework.



5 thoughts on “Week 7 Homework.

  1. miscellaneous
    Thinking of other ways to spell sounds like cell instead of sell.
    Remembering double r by putting it in a sentence. There have been 2 rock incidents in subterranean surfaces.
    ad-jase-ent. syllabification
    Spell harass then add ment.

  2. Concoction / potion
    As I was making up a concoction up it blow up in my face.
    Technique/ skill
    To do origami you need a great technique.
    Verbal / something to do with words
    The pop singing had a very good verbal skill.
    Structure/ building
    The structure was extremely wobbly.
    Miscellaneous/ odd
    I have a group of miscellaneous beads.

  3. Glanced: You can sound it out.
    Rhombus: checking the dictionary.
    Aboriginal: Ab/or/ig/i/nal (Syllabification)
    Education: re read it.
    Environment: Chunking.

  4. Abstraction: Ab-stract-ion
    Inconclusive: sound it out
    Tentative: split it up in to 3
    Consequence: put words with the letters like because Betty Eats Cakes And Users Six Eggs
    Delineate: to clap the word out and sound it out at the same

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