Trust Tone and Respect. What do these mean?

Welcome to Cultural Studies /Geography. My name is Ms Bradbury. I have been a teacher in Victoria for the past 20 years and. I have recently moved to your beautiful city of Townsville.
We will be seeing each other for a 30minute session each week. It isn’t very long at all so to ensure we all get the. Out out of our sessions together we need to lay down some rules.
1. I expect you all to line up quietly and sensibly outside the classroom, and when it is time to leave our session, you will be told to line up quietly and sensibly as well.
2. When you are in this classroom you are to follow the code of Trust, Tone and Respect ALWAYS.
In your books please write down what you think that means.
3. When working in your books you will use each page and rule up your margin. No graffitti is allowed in or on your books.
4. Always use a grey lead pencil when writing , unless I tell you differently..
5. Be an ACTIVE LEARNER. Listen to instructions and follow them the first time, complete the task asked of you, or try hard to complete it. Work must be completed to the BEST of your ability . Work quietly, and don’t distract others.
If you fork as an active learner you may get rewarded. If you choose to break these rules, then you can expect to face the consequences. The decision is YOURS!

We will continue working on the 4 point system that Mrs O’Dwyer started on, and I will be looking for the grade working extra hard, concentrating and listening well, able to line up and pack up , and this class will get the class of the week award! 😉
Next week we will start a new cultural inquiry project or topic but today we are going to discuss ANZAC Day, which is why we had a day off from school yesterday

56b classroom

Friday marks the 99th anniversary of ANZAC day. Thousands of men and women and sacrificed their lives for Australian’s freedom.
What do you think the young men who enlisted to go to war in 1915 were thinking? What do you think their parents were thinking?

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