Maths rotations- designing our garden!

Hi everyone,
Today and tomorrow I won’t be working with you but I have left you this activity to complete with a partner that I need to see in your books so I can use it as an assessment to write your report! So please take it seriously!!!
Today you are going to measure and design our new garden area on the end of the 5/6 building. You need to complete the following list of activities. Mrs Stavrou will be around to keep an eye on you when you are outside (with your hats on!) but please remember to behave. We trust you to work!!!!

You must complete-
1. In your ruled up maths books, with the date 12/11, both you and your partner must estimate the perimeter of the 5/6 building- include where the environmentalist garden is but not dirt non garden part.
2. Estimate the perimeter of the new garden space.
3. Go outside and measure around the 5/6 building using the metre rulers.
4. What was the actual perimeter of the building? Remember to add each side together.
5. In your book design a garden space. You must include a shaded area. A seated area, but you can decide how big it will be. You must include a garden bed. Again, how much garden is up for you to decide. I want to see your calculations, drawings and working out though.
Good luck!


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